Hultafors Libella 2000: Not just a level

Yep, this is a spirit leveling system, expandable from 310 mm to 3100 mm, five times as sensitive as standard spirit levels. Measuring only 310 millimeters the house can be used on its own in narrow spaces. But the main benefit is the ability to expand its length using extension rails. With the right combination Libella can get up to 3100 mm allowing for precise spirit leveling along long surfaces.

Hultafors Libella 2000 has a milled measuring surface. It is equipped with two crush-proof block vials featuring magnifying lenses and a luminescent reflector for easier reading in dim light conditions. The block vials are based on a radius of 1000 mm compared to the standard 200 mm.

Libella 2000 should be thought of as a system of spirit leveling, rather than just a level. Extension rails are available in many different sizes; 600, 900, 1200,1500 and 1800 mm, enabling Libella 2000 to extend its length up to ten times.

The Hultafors Libella 2000 retails for $143