Halder – The original for the professional just went modular!

The humble hammer. Whether carpenters, roofers, masons or the serious-to-dreamer DIYer, the ideal hammer is just about the most crucial element. Yet in a world where we get largely everything from some district in Shenzen, Halder is a brand that decided to stay stand apart. This German company sure has all the right bit of expertise, have been producing hand tools in Wuppertal since 1857. With tools designed and manufactured in Germany, this is one brand that targets pros who look at tools from a long-use perspective.

Halder’s latest mallets boast a very distinct modular structure. Meaning you can dismantle them and upgrade or downgrade their capabilities according to your needs, whether the housings of cast steel wood or fiberglass handles or the faces with different degrees of hardness. Secondly, these are incredibly shock resitant, patented tech ensures that you get none of the kick while using traditional hammers.  Tools to last a lifetime may seem a cliché, but Halder’s new line seem to have got it right to a T.