Channellock GS-50 Plier Set: Perfect for real work

Channellock is a company that takes immense pride in its ‘Made in the USA’ tag. Since 1886, the company has manufactured high-quality hand tools on American soil in Meadville, Pennsylvania, with over 350 employees.

The GS-50 Plier Set is a convenient assortment of popular Channellock tools, including a 10 in. tongue and groove plier, 8.38 in. linemen’s plier, 7 in. diagonal cutter, 7 in. long nose plier, 6.5 in. tongue and groove plier.

Come to the key highlights of the tools, and laser heat-treated teeth and cutting edges grip better and last longer, while high-carbon steel ensures superior performance on the job, with electronic coating ensuring rust prevention. The tools boast the trademark Channellock Blue grips for comfort, while PermaLock fastener eliminates nut and bolt failure.

The Channellock GS-50 Plier Set retails online for $73.99