Collimated beams to Flood positions: Peli 5 Series flashlights are truly tools for the pros!

Peli Products have long been the go-to brand for super-tough portable lighting for professionals. And the Pelican 5 Series flashlight line expands the versatile portfolio options by including ‘flood to spot’ torches with a line-up that includes models 5000, 5010, 5020 and the rechargeable 5050R.

The IPX8 certified 5-Series models are a real asset, thanks to proprietary optimized lens that makes a clean collimated beam spread for flood and spot modes:  flood position projects a wide beam to illuminate your close work area, while the spot position is for a long-distance focused beam. With Low, medium, high, flashing or boost mode options, these torches let you switch to the best light intensity, from low lumens that are easy on the eyes when up close, to super-bright intensity for reaching way out in the dark through the work area.

In addition, the technology-forward Pelican 5050R rechargeable flashlight features a boost mode and USB charging. It can also act as an emergency backup mobile device charger with an integrated standard USB output port.