Cordless Screwdrivers: The Ultimate Top 5!

Looking for the ultimate Bondesque SIY gadget for your DIY needs? Here are five of the best cordless screwdrivers out there, boasting everything from customizable shafts, quick-lock hex bit holder, front facing lights and auto spindle locks. Read on!

Bosch IXO V

The IXO is everything you would want from a cordless screwdriver. Whether it’s assembling flat pack furniture, joining cupboards, fixing electronic goods or tightening loose screws, the IXO is the essential companion.



Does your electric screwdriver have an extendable shaft? Thought not. Worx has seen fit to design this screwdriver with a shaft that can be lengthened to reach any tricky, hard-to-reach areas. This party trick is handy when working in tight spots. Other DIY benefits include an LED lamp for illuminating spaces, and an auto spindle lock for applying manual torque when extra welly’s needed.



If your home improvement projects are many and vast, it’s worth buddying up with Hitachi’s powerful electric screwdriver. Key features include an adjustable handle for straight or pistol-like grip, a quick-lock hex bit holder (that fits most standard screw bits) for rapid bit changes, and a lock-off switch that prevents unintentional starting. With a 5Nm-torque output, it can take on stubborn timber and masonry jobs, too.



Inside the barrel of this Bondesque DIY gizmo sit no fewer than 12 different common bits that can be selected with a simple twist action. A frontfacing light illuminates the job in hand, and you can apply manual torque to stubborn screws via the automatic spindle. If your home improvement project runs on longer than expected, those lithium-ion batteries are guaranteed to be good for at least 90 standard screw jobs before recharging is needed.



As with much of the Ryobi range, this small cordless screwdriver is both robust and powerful – and all without breaking the bank, which is good news if you’re running up big bills elsewhere in your home improvement project.  e lithium-ion powered Ergo 4V pack comes with 10 diff erent 25mm screw driving bits and a durable storage case, while the screwdriver itself features a grip that’s specially moulded for making sure you feel comfortable during intense work.


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