Xuron’s TK 3200: perfect for advanced scale modelers

These pliers can pick up a human hair

Now this is one tool much recommended for scale modelers. The Xuron Model TK3200 Pro-Modelers Tool kit was especially developed for advanced plastic scale modelers to let them cut sprues cleanly, hold and place tiny parts, and cut photo-etched metal parts.

Ideally suited for advanced scale model builders who need to precisely cut and manipulate delicate plastic parts and thin photo-etched metal pieces, the Xuron Model TK3200 features a handy canvas storage pouch with individual pockets for each tool. The kit includes a Model 2175ET Sprue Cutter, Model 9180ET Scissors for photo-etch cutting without deforming, and Model 450 TweezerNose Pliers for forming, holding and inserting parts.

Eliminating razor blades and knives, the Xuron Pro-Modelers Tool Kit’s Model 9180ET Scissors has ultra-sharp tips, 2175ET has low profile, Micro-Shear Flush Cutting jaws, and the TweezerNose Pliers can pick up a human hair.  These ergonomic tools are made of high carbon steel with a non-glare finish, Light-Touch return springs, and Xuro-Rubber soft cushioned grips.

The Xuron Model TK3200 Pro-Modelers Tool kit retails at $64.77 on Amazon.