The 0777 Knife: Zero Tolerance

Collector’s Edition. Rare. These are not terms you would use for a pocket knife. Unless, of course, that’s the Zero Tolerance 0777 Knife. Aimed at demanding users, whether law enforcement or the military, the ZT 0777 has a 3.75-inch composite blade that’s half damascus steel and half Böhler N360.

The 3-D sculpted handle is built of woven carbon fiber that’s stronger than steel, yet ultra-lightweight. A titanium Sub-Frame Lock lightens and slims the handle, with Böhler N360 on the edge, which ensures extreme corrosion resistance and toughness, high hardness and compressive strength along with Devin Thomas stainless herringbone Damascus on the spine. For seamless operation, the knife has KVT ball bearings at the pivot point and a built-in flipper to ensure ultra-smooth, ultra- speedy deployment.

Zero Tolerance is a sister company of Kershaw and take pride in the fact that these hard-use knives are made in the USA. Currently discontinued, these knives retailed at $480 at the time they came to market, and are still available from collectors.