Tooltechnic Systems acquires Shaper Tools, maker of the Origin hand-guided CNC router

TTS Tooltechnic Systems AG & Co. KG, the parent company of brands like SawStop and Festool, have announced the acquisition of the US company Shaper Tools, Inc.

Currently priced at $2,499, the Shaper Origin enables users to perform complex milling tasks easily, quickly and without templates, regardless of the size of the workpiece. At the heart of this innovative product is computer vision technology that tracks the tool’s position on the workpiece, and an automatic position-correction system that adjusts the position of the cutting bit to precisely follow a digital design. It’s an enormous facilitation for the user, who only needs to guide the machine while Origin automatically positions itself for precise milling.

Interestingly, the current version of the Shaper Origin, which is priced at $2,499, is equipped with a custom router spindle that was co-developed with Festool and built by TTS, and it ships in a custom Systainer tool box made by Tanos, another TTS Tooltechnic Systems brand.