Easy Access: That’s key with the Knipex angled pliers wrench

First up, this is a product a unique distinction, for this angled pliers wrench is the market’s first offset ratcheting pliers wrench. Better accessibility and more finger and knuckle space is assured when working up against surfaces thanks to 15-degree angled handles. The tool has push-button adjustment with 17 different laser-etched positions to find the perfect position, up to 1 ¾” capacity.

Each position can be locked in place, making the angled pliers wrench an excellent tool for one-handed applications. The pliers wrench also features cam ratchet action for quick and efficient ratcheting on a workpiece without having to take the tool off and put it back on like a standard adjustable wrench. The parallel jaws evenly distribute force to the workpiece for a secure grip that is 10 times a user’s hand strength, which makes it both strong and versatile.

In terms of applications, this Knipex tool can loosen or tighten a workpiece without damaging surfaces such as chrome, brass or aluminum thanks to its smooth jaws. Ideal for automotive applications, the Angled Pliers Wrench, which is forged out of chrome vanadium electric steel, can be used for flush work or tightening screws on flat surfaces and hydraulic connections.

The Knipex Angled Pliers Wrench is available online for $63.49