Ryobi 8V One+ Pex Crimp Ring Press: 320 crimps and counting!

Perfect for plumbers, the One+ Pex Crimp Ring Press enables 320 crimps per charge and an easy one-handed crimping operation. The end result is almost total elimination of user fatigue and the job getting done faster.

The crimp cycle takes less than 5 seconds with a LED light to indicate completion. The Crimp Ring Press Tool fits all PEX sizes from 3/8”, ½”, ¾” and 1”. The jaws of the tool fit a 1” ring and die inserts for ½” and ¾” rings are included (3/8” insert not included) as well as a Go/No Go Gauge to ensure a proper crimp is achieved.

Ryobi’s 8V One+ Pex Crimp Ring Press will retail for $349