DIYers rejoice, the Wera Advent Calendar 2019 is out

Think of it as probably the best way to stay calorie-free through the post-Christmas period. Yep, we’re talking about all those New Year resolution dead and buried.

From the rebels at Wera, we now have the 2019 edition of the Advent calendar, filled with yummy, toolish surprises.

This year, the calendar again features a combination of screwdrivers, including a VDE force-grip handle with eight insulated interchangeable blades and a Kraftform handle with 1/4″ Rapidaptor bit holder and eight 89 mm long 1/4″bits. Also to discover behind the doors are four angle keys with hex-plus profile, which ensures that the rounding of hexagon socket screws is avoided.

The tool set is optimally stored in a textile folding bag. The bag has a Velcro zone for quick docking with the Wera 2go transport system. Due to the self-adhesive Velcro strip, the tool bag can also be easily attached to the workshop wall or trolley. A highlight of this year’s Advent calendar is the Kraftform bottle opener, which glows in the dark, perfect for the winter season.

Talk about a real must for all Tool Rebels!