Garden Tools: These are 5 tools Kyphor recommends!

Gone are the days when your lawn or larger garden space was at the mercy of handymen or the ‘experts’ of the trade. With these gadgets, you can trim shape and customize your personal garden space to your hearts content. And no, you don’t need to worry about day rates.

Bosch EasyCut 12

Tackle unruly hedges and wayward trees with Bosch’s ‘cute’ mini chainsaw. It delivers precise cuts and enables simple single-handed sawing whenever the mood takes you. Fancy upcycling that bit of branch you just removed? Thanks to its revolving chain and NanoBlade tech, you can use the EasyCut 12 to perform freehand cuts without having to clamp pieces of the branch in place fi rst. The chainsaw is low-vibration too, so it shouldn’t cause long-term aggravation to your wrist.


Stihl HSA 56 Hedge Cutter

Burly bushes blocking your perfect garden view? Cut them down to size with Stihl’s ambitious hedge cutter. Cordless and relatively lightweight in design, the HSA 56 gives you a much greater reach over hedges and bushes, including fancy-shaped hedges that require a little extra fi nesse in the cutting department. The HSA 56 is also designed to be lowvibration, so you should, in theory, be able to use it for the full 40-minute run time (if needed) without experiencing any discomfort. Stihl also sells bigger battery packs that could boost your hedge-cutting time to 120 minutes.


Bosch Indego 400 Connect

Put your feet up and let Bosch’s greenfingered bot mow that grass for you. The Indego 400 Connect syncs with the Bosch Smart Gardening app, through which you can create custom mowing schedules and follow the bot’s progress. There won’t be any missed patches either, thanks to parallel blades delivering an even cut.  The 400 Connect will also start mowing different points of the lawn each time, reducing the risk of over-mowing, and use its built-in mulching system to redistribute grass clippings and nourish your lawn.


Worx WG169E Cordless Grass Trimmer

A grass trimmer, also known as a strimmer, will reach the really fiddly parts of your garden (that are otherwise inaccessible to your mower) and keep the edges looking neat. The Worx cordless trimmer does away with wires, leaving you free to roam your garden, trimming back stray blades or tenacious weeds. You won’t have to bend or overextend either, as the tilting, telescopic shaft adjusts easily to cover the distance for you. There’s also a flower guard to spare delicate blooms and ornaments from getting a buzz cut.


Greenworks 40V Cordless Lawn Mower

With a continuous run time of up to 60 minutes, Greenworks’ li-ion battery powered mower is the lawn lackey you’ve been longing for. With a 40cm cutting path and fi ve-position height adjustment (from 20mm to 70mm), it’s perfect for staying on top of medium sized gardens and offers the muscle of a petrol-powered mower without the smog. Dump grass cuttings into the included mulching kit to begin making your own compost.


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