Nupla SPI-156-S6: Smart Hammers travel in 8’s

I would welcome this as part of my tool kit. For one, it’s a certified non-sparking hammer set. Plus, this dead blow hammer from a trusted name like Nupla delivers more power, less rebound and vibration shock reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders.

Nupla’s patented smart hammer technology uses a shot-loaded composite interior head cavity fully encased in a tough polymer outer jacket. All I need to do is choose the ideal weight of the hammer and handle length for my non-sparking applications.

The Nupla SPI-156-S6 8 Piece Quick-Change Dead Blow Impax Power Drive Set includes six 1.5″ tips – soft, medium, medium-hard, hard, extra-hard, steel, all in a and sturdy carrying case.