Bosch NanoBlade EasyCut 12: Small chain, big impact

This is truly a unique tool, created out of a desire to create a saw that anyone could use. More than 40 patents have been filed for this device, and the project team at Bosch pursued an unusual idea: a sawbar with a revolving micro-chain – similar to a chain saw, but much smaller. This innovative approach eliminates the up-and-down movement typical of jigsaws and saber saws, and with it, the strong vibrations that push the saw off course.

The end result is that you can tackle unruly hedges and wayward trees with this mini chainsaw. It delivers precise cuts and enables simple single-handed sawing whenever the mood takes you. Thanks to its revolving chain and NanoBlade tech, you can use the EasyCut 12 to perform freehand cuts without having to clamp pieces of the branch in place first. The chainsaw is low-vibration too, so it shouldn’t cause long-term aggravation to your wrist.

The Bosch NanoBlade Easy Cut 12 retails for $199