EGO Power+ Blower: Turbine fan engineering in your garden

This leaf blower looks so damn cool, you just know Elon Musk probably has one in his garage. If your garden is home to a tree or two, spare yourself any hard graft by enlisting EGO’s powerful garden tool to blast debris and leaves into a neat pile, ready for dumping into your compost bin.

The features of the EGO POWER+ Blower include turbine fan engineering, inspired by advanced aeronautics technology to deliver industry-leading power; and a high-efficiency brushless motor that delivers a lightweight, compact design for longer runtime, reduced vibrations and extended motor life. The Power+ Blower runs on a beefy 56-volt lithium-ion battery, delivering 40 per cent extra power and all the clout of a petrol blower without the noise and fumes.

The EGO Power+ Blower retails for $99.99