Ultimate Tool Chest? Think no beyond the Pelican 0450

Pelican is well known for their protective tool cases, which are typically used to transport and store delicate or valuable equipment.  The 0450 mobile tool chest is quite possibly the toughest and most durable mobile tool storage products ever made. And honestly, this Polypropylene tool box was not designed with DIYers, weekend warriors, tradesmen, or industrial users in mind. It was designed for the U.S. Armed Forces. It’s now available for the consumer, and the key Pelican USP stands. This case will endure any extreme conditions or abuse you throw at it.

The 0450 is available in two configurations the one without drawers, and with 20”x 10.5″drawers, 6 shallow and 1 deep. So each case can be configured with up to 4 2″ deep drawers, or 8 1″ shallow drawers, or any of several possible combinations. Your drawers chosen, they can be lined with Pelican’s own foam custom-cut for your tools. Pelican also offers vertical and horizontal palette for inserting your tools in.

So when working, you want things out and ready, fast?Not an issue. The Peli 0450 has two inch wide polyurethane wheels which make rolling over soft terrain easier. And let’s not forget the extra wide handles. Not just these, the lid was designed to stop at 180° when open and supports up to 25 kg, meaning you can use it as a work surface as well.

It’s a Peli product, so awesomeness pretty much goes without saying. Standard case attributes include automatic pressure equalization valve (to balance the air pressure inside the case with the pressure outside the case), Hybrid double throw butterfly latches, o-ring seal (to keep dust and moisture out), full-grip rubberized handles and stainless steel padlock protectors. Ready to get hit by a truck, literally.

The Pelican 0450 mobile tool chest retails for $752