Barrel Grip is one key aspect of the Hilti cordless jigsaw, among many others

Hilti have launched the first-ever market sector cordless jigsaws. The flagship SJT 6-A22 features a T-handle – referred to as a ‘barrel grip’– which has the slimmest handle on the market with a low centre of gravity making it easier and more comfortable to manoeuvre in certain applications.

By contrast the SJD 6-A22 has a more substantial D-handle – also called a ‘hoop handle’ – for those preferring this traditional feel and shape while providing customers with even better vibration values.

Each tool is equipped with a blade that has a total stroke length of 28mm, which results in them being able to cut through a range of materials including solid wood, chipboard, gypsum and metals, including stainless steel and aluminum, up to 15mm thick. Bevel cuts can be made up to 45°. They can also be fitted with Hilti’s range of blades, including the new double curved blades, which have ‘back teeth’ for superior maneuverability, ensuring the most precise cuts possible. The SJT 6-A22 and SJD 6-A22 have best-in-class safety features such as reduced vibration, a ‘fast brake’ which stops the blade in half-a-second and a restart protection function