Roamwild multi-pullsaw PRO: Not your everyday saw!

A truly unique tool, this Japanese pullsaw incorporates 2 cutting edges – a 12 inch / 30cm 14 TPI carpentry cutting edge and a unique 6.5 inches / 17cm long angled 22 TPI fine cutting edge. The ultra-thin Japanese saw blade is pulse-hardened and incorporates teeth that have 3 diamond-ground cutting edges with almost no set. This combined with its fine narrow kerf gives extremely high cutting efficiency, the cleanest cut and best performance.

It can cut to an amazing 0.6mm accuracy. This pull saw is so versatile – it can cut chipboard and laminates such as contiboard or kitchen worktops with ease and with no chipping. For the best cut you need to angle the saw at no more than 10 degrees to the surface you are cutting.

The Unique 22 TPI angled fine cutting edge design makes the reverse cut much easier giving you much more control. The angle of the blade design allows for the handle to be held in a position away from a vertical surface, allowing you to flush cut objects like door frames with ease and without risk of catching your hand painfully.

The design of the blade means this saw is also great for cutting in awkward places. The saw will cut with or against the grain at any angle and in tight spaces. An ergonomic new handle design with built in finger guard and has a unique nail puller and tack hammer on the base of the handle. There is a deliberate thumb groove on the top of the handle to allow for maximum control and accuracy whilst cutting.

There is a blade quick release button on the handle, meaning that you can replace the blades of this saw when required. Replacement blades are available to buy separately. The ultra-fine thin blade is ideal for extra fine controlled cuts, such as cutting hardwood, dovetailing, furniture restoration and other intricate & fine wood working applications.

The Roamwild multi-pullsaw PRO retails for $29