Industrial Magnetics acquires family owned Clamp Mfg.

Industrial Magnetics, Inc. a provider of permanent magnets and electromagnets for workholding, lifting, fixtures, conveying, and magnetic separation, have announced the acquisition of Clamp Manufacturing Co. Since its inception in 1973, Clamp Manufacturing Co. has been a family-owned business whose unique, Made in The USA products have long been recognized for their quality, durability and dependability. Over the last 45 years, a diverse range of industries have come to appreciate the reliability of the Kant-Twist Clamp and No-Mar Hammer product lines in thousands of metalworking, welding, assembly, and general manufacturing applications.

Kant-Twist is a multi-purpose clamp, combining the best features of ordinary “C” and parallel clamps, with free-floating jaws that adjust to un-parallel surfaces. The unique design will not “walk off-center” when pressure is applied against the jaw, because there is no unsupported screw or loose pad. It provides freedom of movement and eliminates the distorting and twisting action associated with conventional clamping devices, as well as providing three different gripping surfaces. All clamps are of rugged, industrial-duty construction, with copper-plated jaws and screws to resist weld splatter. Kant-Twist clamps weigh approximately half as much as comparable “C” clamps.