With limited edition welding helmet, Optrel partners with Light for the World to help restore vision

Welders can help bring sight to the blind with the purchase of a limited-edition welding helmet from Optrel. Partnering with the global nonprofit Light for the World, optrel will donate the entire purchase price of 200 special-edition welding helmets to fund 3,000 restorative eye surgeries around the world.

“Thankfully, we can prevent and cure blindness at the same time. Each welder who purchases an optrel Light for the World special-edition panoramaxx helmet will not only protect his or her eyesight but help fund restorative surgery for 15 people who suffer from failing eyesight due to cataracts,” said Marco Koch, owner of Optrel. The welding helmet offers a field of vision six times larger than standard welding helmets without adding extra weight, the company states. The panorama view is combined with a 2.5 shade at light state and true-color optics. The helmet features a patented autopilot function and a five-sensor array that measures the brightness of the welding arc and automatically adjusts to the correct shade level