Festool’s Domino connectors: Perfect for woodworking

For a while now Festool’s Domino Joiner system has been a favorite among cabinetmakers and carpenters. Festool recently launched a new generation of Domino connectors that work with their DF 500 Domino Joiner. The new mechanical Domino connectors can be used to create tight, seamless connections between flat or corner joints with just a hex wrench. They eliminate the need for gluing and clamping without giving up any connection strength. Whether you are making cabinets in a workshop, working on site as a carpenter or just trying your hand at furniture making, Festool’s new Connectors are a great way to make strong and fast joint connections.

The connectors come in a variety of styles and package sizes with prices starting at $35.00. The full Festools DOMINO Connector Set SV-SYS retails at $270.