Polaris looks to reinvent the humble winch

A winch is one thing that you definitely don’t want to have fail while you are using it. Polaris decided to think out of the box on this one. What they came up with is the Rapid Rope Recovery PRO HD Winch Technology. This winch is a redesigned model with the ability to re-spool rope five times faster than their previous winch’s lower gear. They also added a wireless remote so that you can guide the rope from the end as it re-spools, and an AutoStop so the winch stops when the rope is fully returned. On top of all that, the winch’s receiver box has been enhanced so that it will always work, even through water and mud.

Available in PRO HD 6,000-pound Winch (RANGER), PRO HD 4,500-pound Winch (RANGER, RZR, GENERAL) and the PRO HD 3,000-pound Winch (SPORTSMAN, ACE), the Polaris Pro HD Winch Lineup is available at $549.99.