From 1937 to today: Snap-on goes Deja Vu!

Today Snap-on tweeted an image with two tools from their torque wrench, except they were introduced 82 years apart. A true example of how the company has stayed at the top of the game by consistent innovation.

On the one side, we have the Snap-n TQ-11 Torqometer from 1937. This is a 1/2 inch drive with a 500 ft pounds capacity.

In the same pic, we have the lean and mean ATECH3FR250B 1/2″Drive techangle Flex-head Torque Wrench. An 80-tooth gear system perfect for tight spots with far superior battery life and programmable to create presets and batches, and all with a backlight, it’s for those who expect, and are willing to pay for the best!