Make a choice: Percussion drill or electric hammer?

According to Benyu Tools, it is better to use a percussion drill or an electric hammer for drilling at home. We often have everyday needs for drilling, whether punching hole on the wall or other object, mounting to hang a picture on the wall, installing hardware to hang in the bathroom for instance or to mount a TV. So it comes down to this: what drilling tool should be chosen, a percussion drill or an electric hammer?

Percussion drilling has two functions, namely, flat drilling and percussion drilling. In flat drilling mode, different drill bits can be installed to punch holes in the surface of light materials such as plastic, wood and thin metal. In this mode, batch head elastic screws can also be installed, such as assembling furniture, installing doorknobs and disassembling household appliances. In percussion drilling mode, the drill bit is mainly used to punch holes in lightweight concrete, such as brick walls or ordinary cement walls to install paintings and hardware.

Electric hammer has dc and ac two kinds, lithium electric hammer because no plug operation is more suitable for home use. Generally speaking, there are two modes of electric hammer: flat drill and hammer drill. Flat drilling mode is similar to the flat drilling function mode of percussion drill. In hammer drilling mode, holes can be made in concrete.

So what are the differences between a percussion drill and electric hammer:

1) The impact mode is different. The impact of the impact drill is caused by the friction between two impact gears, while the impact of the electric hammer is caused by the piston movement of the cylinder. Therefore, the impact of the electric hammer is much greater than that of the ordinary impact drill.

2) From the perspective of function, lithium electric hammer has more functions, which can integrate screw batch, electric drill and the electric hammer.