Extreme wear resistance. That’s the Shockwave promise!

Re-define extreme driver bit performance and wear resistance. Now that may seem a slight cliché, but Milwaukee have reached for a whole new level with the introduction of Shockwave Matrix Carbide, a new line of premium driver bits backed by a lifetime tip warranty.

Touted as the new industry benchmark, with disruptive engineering methods and new-to-world innovation in Shockwave Matrix Carbide bits, users no longer have to sacrifice wear resistance to gain impact durability.  The combination of proprietary Matrix Carbide Steel and optimized Shockzone technology deliver extreme wear resistance while still being able to absorb the peak torque of an impact driver. This revolutionary advancement in driver bit technology is backed with a lifetime tip warranty ensuring users that they will continue to be able to drive fasteners long after all other bits have failed.

Like all Shockwave solutions, the new bits are optimized with a unique Shockzone geometry in varying lengths and thicknesses to absorb peak torque and prevent breaking. The new driver bits will include a variety of bit lengths and kit configurations in Phillips, Square, and Torx tips.

The Shockwave Matrix Carbide Bit Types include:

Phillips – PH1, PH2, PH3  (Available April 2019)

3” Magnetic Bit Holder (Available April 2019)

Square – SQ1, SQ2, SQ3  (Available October 2019)

Torx –T20, T25 (Available October 2019)