In the true spirit of an iconic brand, Stanley is all set to make more Craftsman tools in the U.S.

The reasons may be tariffs that make manufacturing in China more expensive. But Stanley Black & Decker plans to move production of Craftsman wrenches from China back to the U.S., the latest manufacturer looking to use automation to raise domestic output as tariffs add to costs overseas.

Stanley’s new $90 million plant in Fort Worth, Texas will by late next year make 10 million Craftsman wrenches and ratchets and 50 million sockets annually.

The plant will also leverage some of the most advanced manufacturing technologies available to optimize productivity and sustainability, including pre-flattening steel technologies to improve material yield by almost 25 percent, as well as water and energy management technologies to reduce resource consumption. The Fort Worth plant will employ approximately 500 full-time employees to support the facility.

Stanley Black & Decker purchased CRAFTSMAN in 2017 and the following year, Craftsman launched a refreshed brand identity in August 2018, unveiling more than 1,200 new products. The brand is now on pace for an accelerated growth trajectory to reach $1 billion in incremental revenues by 2021.